Kavachi Michelle Ukegbu fuses her deep experience in the culinary arts and hospitality management, in marketing, and as a creative director to host amazing in-person and digital dining experiences that broaden her guests’ taste palate.

The founder of the food-focused platform Grubido, Kavachi is a third-generation culinary professional with a heritage in Nigerian cuisine. She spent her formative years cultivating her passion for food in her mother’s restaurant, Safari – the first and longest-running African restaurant in Houston’s Southwest International District. That early inspiration took her on a learning journey that kindled her fire for teaching others about the rich variety of world cuisines and food culture. Along her journey, she authored The Art of Fufu and hosts the United Fork Podcast.

She honed her talents at several prestigious culinary institutions, including Hilton College and Milan’s legendary Università Bocconi. There, she broadened her perspective, even more, learning about the food industry’s business side even as she honed her food preparation skills. Today, she continues that academic journey, studying coding and programming languages to help her reach her goal – to produce software and apps to showcase international foods. She also plans to enroll in another culinary arts institute to obtain her master’s degree in the food and beverage business.

Kavachi plans to offer a wide range of food manufacturing and production services, including food styling, menu creation, food and beverage marketing and sales, and much more. Explore the tasty world of international foods. Join Kavachi at the global table!



My Services.

  • Food Styling
    Creative Director
    Menu Creation
  • Product Development
    Food & Beverage Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Sales
    Product Launching
  • Marketing Strategy
    Content Creation
    Hospitality services
  • Product Manager
    UI/UX design
  • Digital Media
    Event Project Manager

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